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Audio & Sound Gear Rental

Sound system rentals from Avista are professional grade, yet affordable. Whether you have are addressing an audience of 25 in a meeting room, or a group of 200 outside, or an audience of 1,000 in a ballroom, Avista has you covered. Do-it-yourself equipment is simple to operate for smaller groups. For larger setups, use Avista's expert audio technicians for full service delivery, setup and operation.

  • Public Address System Rentals

    Public Address System Rentals

    Avista carries a range of Public Address (PA) system rental packages for speaking engagements of any size. Our perfectly paired microphone and speaker combinations are easy to operate, and if you are doing it yourself, we show you how everything works, then back that up with our 24/7 help line. For larger meetings or when professional operation is required, Avista technicians are available to deliver, setup and operate your PA system rental.

  • Sound System Rentals

    Sound System Rentals

    Avista's sound system rental packages are designed for speaking engagements and for amplified music. These sound systems are easy to operate yourself, and we show you everything you need to know when you pick up your system, backing that up with our 24/7 help line. For larger systems, choose delivery and setup by a highly trained Avista audio technician for a worry-free meeting or event.

  • Speaker Rentals

    Speaker Rentals

    Rent speakers from Avista for you next event. Our speakers are from audio leaders QSC, JBL and Mackie. Not sure what else you need (microphones, mixers, etc.)? Not sure how to connect your sound source (iPod, iPads, laptops, etc.)? Give us a call and we will guide you through the process of selecting the right speaker to rent and everything else you need for a highly successful event.

  • Microphone Rentals

    Microphone Rentals

    Avista's rents microphones suitable for a range of meetings and events. For the budget-minded, we have Shure wired microphones. We also rent Shure wireless microphones in handheld, lavalier and headset versions. If you need everything else for a sound system, such as speakers and mixers, you should check out our Sound System Rentals. For professional users, check out our Professional Audio Gear Rentals page.

  • Audio Mixer Rentals

    Audio Mixer Rentals

    Rent a mixer from Avista to complement your own speaker setup. We also carry full Sound System Rentals if you need speakers as well. We have audio mixers for simple to complex meetings & events. Even a novice can take control of their event with our simplest units, and we'll show you everything you need to know. If your a professional audio person looking for the latest digital mixing boards, we carry a line of Allen & Heath products as well, just give us a call.

  • DJ Gear Rentals

    DJ Gear Rentals

    Avista carries a range of DJ gear rentals to assist you with music playback at your party. Start with our pro grade speakers, the most essential part of any party, then add dance floor lights to set the right mood. Whether you're DJing from CDs, iPod, iPad or your laptop, Avista's DJ gear rentals will help your event sound great.

  • Karaoke Machines

    Karaoke Machines

    Professional grade, easy-to-use karaoke machine rentals. Featuring an internet-ready iPad configured to access over 13,000 karaoke songs online and 4,000+ songs on the iPad itself. Check out our Karaoke Machine Rental page for more information on our fantastic wifi-based Karaoke Machines.

  • Battery-Powered Speaker Rentals

    Battery-Powered Speaker Rentals

    Avista's battery-powered speaker rentals are perfect for outdoor venues like parks, beaches and other place where finding power is a challenge. These speakers are complete sound systems, with wired microphone, speaker, and multiple input jacks for iPods, iPhones, etc. These speakers are perfect for  wedding ceremonies and political events.

  • Audio Accessory Rentals

    Audio Accessory Rentals

    Avista rents everything else you need for a successful AV setup, including cables, connectors, distribution amps, power and stands. For professional users, we have a range of products not shown below, just give us a call or submit a web inquiry to see what we have in our inventory

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