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Microphone Rentals

Avista's rents microphones suitable for a range of meetings and events. For the budget-minded, we have Shure wired microphones. We also rent Shure wireless microphones in handheld, lavalier and headset versions. If you need everything else for a sound system, such as speakers and mixers, you should check out our Sound System Rentals. For professional users, check out our Professional Audio Gear Rentals page.

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  • Push-to-Talk Shure Microphone Rental

    Push to Talk Microphone Shure MX412/S

    This gooseneck microphone is the right choice when multiple mics are in use and additional on/off control is desired.

    $50.00 / Per Day
  • Shure MX412 Wired Gooseneck Conference Microphone Rental

    Gooseneck Microphone Shure MX412

    This wired gooseneck mic is a great table-top microphone for conferences, podiums and panel discussions.

    $30.00 / Per Day
  • Low Profile Tabletop Microphone Rentals San Francisco Bay Area

    Boundary Microphone Audio Technica U851R

    This tabletop microphone rental is ideal for conference tables, or whenever a low profile, wide pickup mic is desired.

    $30.00 / Per Day
  • Hire Microphones and Stands San Francisco Bay Area

    Tripod Microphone Stand with Boom

    This boom microphone stand securely maintains its position to capture the perfect sound for speaking or singing events.

    $10.00 / Per Day

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