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Case Study - Audio Visual Production for Silicon Valley CEO-led Employee Meeting

AV technician smiling at camera from beyond tech table at all hands employee meeting

Situation Overview 

A major nasdaq technology company based in the midwest required an all-hands meetings with its 400 San Francisco Bay Area employees. They submitted an inquiry through our website on a Wednesday afternoon, seeking audio visual support. 

Challenges Addressed
We called them back within 20 minutes, and quickly identified the challenges: 1) the meeting was very high profile, the first time the newly installed CEO would address west coast staff; as such, execution of the meeting had to be flawless; 2) the meeting had to be fully setup by Monday afternoon, 3 business days away, 3) the meeting was to be in a new office location, which had no working power and a difficult layout, and 4) all planning staff were in the midwest, was not familiar with the meeting space, and would not arrive until Monday.

Well-Orchestrated Planning
Accustomed to overcoming nearly any challenge, our Avista team led by David Flashner sprung into action. David immediately jumped in his car and headed to the meeting site. A quick assessment, with pictures and videos forwarded to the client, soon gave shape to the outline of the event. Layouts were discussed with the client Thursday morning, with Avista helping wherever possible with all phases of the meeting, from show flow, to lighting, to room orientation and chair layout. By Thursday afternoon, we had the right gear -- including projection, multiple down stage monitors, sound, lighting, pipe & drape and video, not to mention a big generator in the parking lot -- spec'd and reserved for the meeting. 

Perfect Execution
Come Monday morning, the Avista team was underway and ahead of schedule with its setup when the client arrived. Working hand-in-hand with a very professional and knowledgeable client was a big help, and we made a number of on-the-spot decisions together to improve the look and feel of the event. By 3pm, the meeting was show ready, including everything from projectors and stage lights perfectly focused, to all cables neatly gaffed to the floor. Given our quick and efficient setup, we were able to get an additional rehearsal into the schedule. Net result? The meeting on Tuesday morning was flawless, with tight coordination between our audio and video staff, the client meeting planners, and staff from the CEO's office. 


Throughout the planning and execution of this meeting, our Avista team returned again and again to our core client promises to make it a success: 1) constant, quick and efficient communication with the client, no matter the time zones and distances separating us, 2) a willingness to tightly integrate with the multiple parties involved in a meeting, being a true value-added partner, 3) creatively solving problems using our decades of high profile show experience, 4) going above and beyond in whatever way necessary to make sure the event is delivered flawlessly, and more than anything else, 5) treating the event as importantly to us as it is to our client.

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