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Venues We Love in San Francisco - The Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF

Are you planning a meeting or conference in San Francisco and looking for something different than a hotel? Then check out the Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF (MBCC). It has a number of unique attributes that make it a fantastic alternative to other venues in San Francisco. We've worked with many clients holding events at MBCC, and have always been impressed with its combination of great location, great amenities and greeting meeting spaces.

A Unique Venue in the Vibrant Heart of San Francisco Innovation

MBCC is part of UC San Francisco's Mission Bay complex, a 43-acre campus opened in 2003, and is at the heart of the exciting Mission Bay neighborhood just south of AT&T Park. This area is now at the leading edge of life sciences research, biotechnology, and health sciences, and soon, it will be across the street from the home of the Golden State Warriors. While any meeting or conference revolving around themes of technology and innovation would be perfectly at home in this environment, it's also suitable for almost any event, with many fundraisers, galas and weddings held here.

World-Class Amenities and Event Support

MBCC has all the features you need for an event, including onsite catering with a wide assortment of menu options, and audio visual support from basic sound and projection to complex productions involving custom lighting and staging. They also have a super friendly and professional event planning staff to help you plan your event.

Dramatic Meeting and Reception Spaces

MBCC has the perfect complement of meeting spaces, centered around two large rooms, the Robertson Auditorium and the Fisher Banquet Room.

Robertson can accommodate 600 people theater style, 219 classroom style, and 300 in rounds of 10. One noteworthy feature of Robertson is that it has retractable bleacher style seating, which lends itself to a number of interesting seating and audience possibilities. The Fisher meeting space can accommodate 400 people theater style, 202 classroom style, and 300 in rounds of 10. 

MBCC also has 5 conference rooms in the 400-500 square foot range, perfect for breakouts and for use by planning staff. Rounding out these spaces are a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor areas, all grouped around a dramatic atrium, so has many spaces  ideal for break times and receptions.

For all these reasons we love doing audio visual work at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center, and we bet it'd be a great fit for one of your upcoming meetings, conference or galas.

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