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Where we wax poetic on what’s going on with Avista, discuss our favorite San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California meeting/event venues, and talk about audio visual rentals and live event production in a way that’s informative, useful and entertaining to our corporate, nonprofit and consumer customers.

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The Right Wireless Microphone for Your Next Celebrity Event

Wired microphones have been around since the time of Marconi (Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 was an Italian inventor largely credited with the invention of radio. He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909 for his developments in wireless communication.)...Read More

3 Key Factors When Choosing the Right Projector and Screen for Your Event

PowerPoint presentations have dominated conference and meeting rooms for decades now, but with the rise of video production skills and ever simpler and more affordable equipment, multimedia presentations are de rigueur in both business and social settings. It’s no longer unusual to see well-produced programming at events ranging from wedding receptions to reunions to memorial services. Even the relative newbie can make nearly professional presentations....Read More

Tips for DJ-ing Your Own Wedding

Acting as the Deejay for your own wedding can save a bunch of money. Live music is nice, of course, as long as you can afford it. A professional Deejay can eliminate one more thing off your Things-to-Worry-About list. But if you’re into doing it yourself, realize there’s more to being the Deejay than just spinning platters....Read More

DIY Wedding Video Tips

If a professional videographer isn’t in your wedding budget, don’t despair. Avista Rentals has the equipment you need to do a great job yourself. But even the best equipment won’t do a good job unless the equipment is used properly. Here are some tips for making a wedding video you’ll be proud of....Read More

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Thank you for visiting our website! Our team at Avista has worked long and hard to understand what's important to you, our customer, which is distilled into our 4 Value Principles: 1) Being transparent with our pricing, 2) Being prompt and friendly in all our communications with you, 3) Delivering the right AV solution for your event at the best price, and 4) Exceeding your expectations with the high caliber of our crew and gear. We're very proud that these principals have driven strong growth since our founding in 2005, to where we are now one of the premier providers of AV rentals and AV production services on the West Coast. Customers have the choice of picking up and returning AV gear to any of our offices, or having our team of highly skilled audio and video technicians deliver and run the AV aspects of your meeting or event.

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