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The Right Wireless Microphone for Your Next Celebrity Event

Wired microphones have been around since the time of Marconi (Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 was an Italian inventor largely credited with the invention of radio. He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909 for his developments in wireless communication.) Mics are still the choice for recording studios and secure installations. However, today’s speakers and performers like to move around and wireless mics let them strut their stuff.

Handheld vs. Wearable

Wireless microphones use radio signals to transmit sound to a receiver that’s connected an output device like speakers or a recorder. Wireless microphones come in two basic types—handheld and wearable. Handheld mics are favored by performers who like them as a prop they can sing or speak into. They come in models optimized for subtle vocalizations and feedback suppression.

They’re also a good choice for audience participation where the host moves from person to person or passing the mic around. Both the mic and transmitter are contained in a single unit, making handheld mics easy to use.

“Bodypack” Types: Clip-Ons or Headsets?

Wearable microphones, sometimes called “bodypacks” generally are two-piece affairs. The microphone itself is either clipped to an item of clothing (called a lavalier mic) or worn as a headset or collar. There are also styles that clip to instruments for cord-free band use. Since they’re hands-free, wearable and clip-on microphones give the greatest freedom of movement, keeping events spontaneous and lively.

Clip-ons are unobtrusive, so they’re favored for interviews and stage productions, while headsets allow a lot of movement without the concern of coming loose or rubbing on clothing. Plus they look cool.

Consider Multiple Channel Systems

Because wireless microphones transmit radio signals, interference can become a consideration, especially when multiple mics are used. Systems are available with multiple channels and some automatically select open frequencies.

Endless Opportunities

Wherever you want ease of use and freedom of movement, wireless microphones are your choice. Wireless mics are used in exercise studios, schools, and places of worship as well as on stage. They go to tons of weddings and parties, too, and are guaranteed to keep things lively.

If you want to learn more about wireless microphones and how to use them to pep up your event, Shure has a great series of articles on their website. But you don’t have to go it alone. The A-V pros at Avista Rentals have been hooking people up with the right sound systems for over a decade, and they’re only a click or phone call away.

Professional Guidance and Support

The people you choose to rent from are an important part of your event production team. At Avista Rentals, we’re committed to delivering the right AV solution for your event at the best price, and to exceeding your expectations with the high caliber of our staff and equipment. We have an excellent selection of both wired and wireless microphones for every situation. Simply give us a call at 888.462.8478 to reserve equipment and schedule an in-store pickup at any of our San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles locations. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions for using it and even help you load your car. You can also arrange for delivery to your location. And if you have questions or problems onsite, call us 24/7 and we’ll help get you back on the right path.

We're very proud that our principles and commitment have driven strong growth since our founding in 2005, to where we are now one of the premier providers of AV rentals and AV production services on the West Coast. Visit our website,, for complete information about our company, our staff, and our services. You can count on us to be a trusted partner in making your event special.

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